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Sunday, June 20, 2010


Now Open - 2011 AERA Annual Meeting Call for Submissions and Volunteer Chair and Discussant

Dear AERA Members,

I am writing to encourage you to participate in the 2011 AERA Annual Meeting to be held Friday, April 8 – Tuesday, April 12 in New Orleans, LA. Kris D. Gutiérrez, AERA President and Joanne Larson, Chair, 2011 Program Committee are pleased to announce this year’s Annual Meeting Theme: “Inciting the Social Imagination: Education Research for the Public Good.” Now is the time to advance a paper or session submission for consideration by a division, special interest group, or committee and to volunteer as a chair or discussant.

Deadline for Paper and Session Submissions is July 15
Please review the Call for Submissions as it contains important information about this year’s Annual Meeting theme and submission requirements. Please login to advance a paper or session submission. As introduced last year, please again pay special attention to the six elements that must be addressed in the narrative paper submissions even if the results, conclusions, or findings are not complete or final at the time of the submission.

Also, please indicate your preferred type of session and willingness to present in alternative formats at the time of submission. The roundtable format introduced at the 2010 Annual Meeting was very well received. I encourage you to consider presenting in this format, as well as the poster session format, both of which allow for greater interaction than a paper session.

Volunteer to Serve as a Chair or Discussant by August 31
Please review the Call for Volunteer Session Chairs and Discussants and consider volunteering. Please login to volunteer as a chair or discussant. The quality of the AERA Annual Meeting depends on education researchers with appropriate expertise who serve as chairs and discussants for paper sessions and roundtables.

Please contact the Meetings Team at annualmtg@aera.net or (202) 238-3200 with any questions and I look forward to your participation in an enriching 2011 Annual Meeting.

Kind regards,

Laurie Cipriano, CMP
Director of Meetings

American Educational Research Association
1430 K Street, NW
Suite 1200
Washington, DC 20005

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